A luxury brand that represents elegance and class in everyday life. Proudly designed in Toronto since 2015.


One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every timepiece we make. Why does one adorn a luxury timepiece? To be taken seriously. To stand out amongst peers. To complement personal style. A quality watch is a conversation piece; a confidence booster; a work of art. But to invent a unique timepiece with quality you can see, and performance you can trust, was left to the fashion forward and luxury watch designer. We are proud to introduce the Bennetti Watch! 



More Than Just A Watch Brand.


Bennetti Watches represents more than just a watch brand.  When dawning a Bennetti timepiece one becomes entrenched into the Bennetti Family forever.


Sponsors & Partnerships

Are you looking to collaborate with Bennetti Watches for supporting an event, activity, person, or organization? Here are some of the numerous groups that we provide support to.

Brand Ambassadors

Bennetti and their brand ambassadors collaborate to create innovative and audacious timepieces. Our collaborative approach with industry leaders to create unique and individualistic timepieces has driven the creation of something truly special.



The Bennetti Group firmly believes in giving back to causes greater than anyone’s self. Bennetti Watches annually donates 10% of its proceeds to various causes affecting the underprivileged youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you consider owning or caring for a Bennetti watch, several questions may spring to mind. Click here to see some of the more common inquiries.

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